Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Hot Tub

The first thing that comes to mind when I say Hot Tub - is dad's boat that's sitting in the quansit ... it was named Hot Tub.

I resent the hot tub for many reasons.

1. It was an unplanned, spontaneous purchase by my husband.
2. It makes my cats huddle near the door because between the hot tub and the dryer vent there's warmth there.
3. It's obnoxious.
4. My kids keep telling Corey how much they LOOOOOVE him. (as if ...)
5. It's way too hot.
6. I hate the idea of taking care of it and have no idea how to do so.
7. It costs more than what Corey had told me it would cost.
8. If it breaks I'll resent it more.
9. I don't like being hot and cold at the same time.
10. It needs to have water added to it because that jet is no longer relaxing my neck where I get horrible muscle aches from hitting my head on the side door while in labour. Corey seriously - get on that will you?

Okay - 1 good reason for it ... come on ... still resenting over here ...

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