Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shepherd's Pie


If it has pie in the name, without looking at the recipe, one should be able to assume it needs a pie crust. Usually - I got recipes covered. I do the 'steps'. I read it all the way through, I make sure I have what I need, I prep and then I bake/make. It's the way it's done.

Buuutttt  ....

I was on a roll and wanted to get it done, since it was a special request. So I thought, I'll make the pie crusts first! That way if I screw up, I can try again and I don't have everything sitting here waiting for crusts. I made the pie crusts with some lard I've had for years. Oh yeah baby ... years. ;)

Then, once I was all done, I carefully wax papered the layers and placed them in the fridge, saving two round balls for tops. I sat down proud of my accomplishment and started looking at recipes.

Sidenote : Corey ALSO THOUGHT they needed pie crusts.

Not one single picture had a Shepherd's pie in a crust ... I was dumbfounded. That's right. Dumbfounded.

So. Now I had 4 pie crusts, and two round balls ... and nothing to do with them. SO I made Corey bring home some apples and I made apple pies, and a coconut cream pie and I have one crust left over that I will make chocolate pie with ... or whatever.

2nd sidenote : The shepherd's pie - sans crust - was pretty damned good anyways.

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Jacquie Vachon said...

I have a very simple shepherd pie recipe. 3 ingredients and very quick and easily frozen.