Monday, September 30, 2013

First my shoes ... then my truck ...

I like to go through my texts from time to time because I'm absent-minded lately. I even put things where I'll see them so I don't forget and leave the house without them anyways. Like the photoshoot props I bought just for Nikki. Whatever. I came across a text from our photographer from the end of August and it made me shake my head all over again.

We were meeting in Prince Albert because he was done editing our family images (from mom's 50th birthday party). We were going to meet at Rona. So he asks me where I'm parked and I reply :

Me : I drive a red dodge.

Some time passes and I decide to specify

Me : Truck.

1 minute passes

Me : What do you drive?

That way there's two of us looking right? Of course. Totally logical.

Suddenly ... something occurs to me. My truck isn't red.

Me : I mean TAN!!! AHAHAHAHA

Some more time passes ....

... and he calls ... as he's walking by ....

and I realize my truck isn't tan either. It's silver.

You're welcome.

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