Sunday, September 15, 2013

And .... where's my shoes???

Just imagine a looong exasperated sigh here.

All I was doing was dropping off some Scentsy and some chocolate. I mean ... it was easy, run in - drop it off - stare at everyone - leave.

This is what happened.

I parked the truck, sorta. Madison had to go pee so we argued about the etiquette of borrowing someone's bathroom - she won. We got out of the vehicle and stepped inside. Maddie asked to borrow the washroom, no problem. I took off my shoes not sure how far we were going, turns out not that far.

I commented how big the girls were and chatted about some other thing. Handed over the chocolate, she smelled the bars - nothing happened in the right order here. Whatever.

She commented something and I randomly replied, only now realizing that I may have replied in a completely erroneous way and off-topic because she kind of laughed like 'this one is a crazy lady'. Then Maddie was back and gone and I said thanks and enjoy and I left.

I only noticed when I got down the steps that I didn't have my shoes. Seriously? O-O.

I went back to the house and opened the door.

"I forgot my shoes."

She probably gets that all the time.

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MOI said...

OMG!!! you make me laugh, I love your sense of humour. Remind me to get chocolate my mom loves it.