Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wind out of the sails

Sometimes ...

Sometimes I think people forget that everyone has feelings. You know? Like ... look out for yourself and screw the world.

I'm not saying we need to put everyone first, but sometimes it seems ... hard and cruel, when it should be compassionate and gentle. You know?

Everyone makes a mistake or two but why are we all so hard to forgive.

Sidenote : This is not about that drunk driver person, in any way ... just ... fyi.

Sometimes, I feel like people will say something hurtful to me in defense - because I was not gentle about their feelings first. Birth is a big one and too many people get offended at just being around me - or so it seems. I'm sure it's because when I say a truth - it hurts them to hear that it's not good for everyone at the hospital. I have forgotten that they have feelings too I suppose and should be gentler and word things differently. Perhaps they have that little thought in their head and it hurts to have it tugged at ... sometimes you just want to let something go.

But. Truth really needs to be told. It just does and it should not be withheld because it could help.
But. There is always a way to say it gently. It might have to be screamed at some point, but why do we jump there from the get go?

Is it just me or are there a lot of misunderstandings in this world? You know? When someone says something hurtful why don't they talk it out? No really! I mean yeah ... it's hard but wouldn't we be showing kids that we all care about each others' feelings, even when ours are hurt?

Kids are whiny and tired and asked to do things to make them into 'good successful adults'. Why? Why don't we teach them, instead, to care about others? Isn't that successful enough? Do they need three cars? Do they need a million dollars? Do you need fancy clothes? Do you need Kool-Aid drinks?

Sidenote : Frankly Kool-Aid drinks are the devil in liquid form but that's just my opinion ...

Recently, I started looking up organic foods, canning, freezing, Pinterest-ing recipes. I posted something about mashed cauliflower and got a few comments. Instead of getting defensive or angry, well I did for a second or five, I realized how utterly ... ridiculous that was. Really. People can't tell my tone of voice, they didn't know that I was just 'saying' that I couldn't fool my children. I wasn't looking for advice on how to hide it or different ways to do it ... I was just saying a rhetorical comment. Instead of blasting about it, I decided to relax and take it like it was. Innocent advice. I explained the situation, thanked for the tips and then asked for tips I really did need - like soup recipes.

Why create a rift or friction for something so small and insignificant?

There are bigger things to be frustrated about, that we probably have many common cause over.

Like the penalty for drunk driving, why do some people get more rights than others ... and why do pedophiles get let out of jail, ever ... no for real, like why? Who, ever, needs a semi-automatic gun to go hunting ... are they that bad? Why are they getting pissed off about not being allowed to own a gun like that anymore? Instead of putting billions of dollars into learning how to make bombs and you know ... those ... big ... (hang on while I try to remember) .......... tanks! why don't we invest in gardens? I mean ... we could feed a lot of people with a billion dollars worth of gardens and fruit trees ... couldn't we?

Plus ... why do we ship oil to the States, then ... pay double to buy the gas back? Or ... why don't we just put money into being more energy efficient? Why does everything have to be about profit ...

Why are people selling so many things on Kijiji? Why not give it away? Yeah ... some things you want a little bit of money for but things like kids clothes, toys ... etc ... you know?

I really feel, like we've all forgotten how to care about each other.

Why are we all so selfish?

I don't know when I realized it - but a big thing for me was being given - yes given - three sets of maternity clothes from three different people. Just ... given to me. For free. No charge, no 'rules' just here ya go. I look around and other people are selling them for SO much money! We also had someone give us their time to work on our car last year ... just ... give us the time. If that's not humbling, I'm not entirely sure I know what is ....

Sometimes ... I feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails, and other peoples' sails too ....

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