Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays

I despise Tuesdays ...

Tuesdays are dance days and they are fine when I can just go home and Corey takes Miss Cranky Pants himself ... but then I miss talking, in peace and quiet, with everyone else there ...

Most days, I get Miss Cranky Pants and Mr. Energizer Bunny. Omg-it's-so-horrible-I-can-hardly-think-of-it-without-cringing.

At first, it was totally fine because it wasn't Canadian Stupid Winter. I was also about 35 lbs lighter and less pregnant. When I started getting the headaches - ick. Now that the headaches are gone, I am counting the days until recital in March because Mr. Energizer Bunny and Miss Cranky Pants are not handling long Tuesdays well - and neither am I.

It starts off early at 6:30 am, and drags on allll day until we get home at 6:45 - when we walk back into the house. I started packing snacks for the kids while we wait because it's JUST far enough that I can't go home before going there, but when I get there I don't have time to do anything, but I have to sit and wait and entertain Miss Cranky Pants who just woke up from her Tuesday nap and Mr. Energizer Bunny who wants to run everywhere I can't see him. Plus he's noisy and loud and I can't sit and enjoy a conversation.

I despise Tuesdays ....

By the time supper is ready when we get home it's 7:15-7:30 and then relax time and bed ... BLAH!! It makes me so exhausted just thinking about it because kids are hyper, like right now, and NOT sleeping, and whining and .... siiiiiigggggghhhhh.

Of course, I wouldn't change them for anything ... :)

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