Sunday, January 27, 2013

Austin the Cat - etc ...

He's driving me crazy.

All I want to do is throw that cat outside as far as I can throw. He has food and water, but jumps on the counter to get into trouble, pulls down the garbage can and occasionally poops where he wants. He stays up all night playing with any small toy he can find, usually in William's room - driving me utterly insane. Spring better hurry up because this cat's life depends on it. The only thing keeping this cat alive ... is the fact that he LOVES Amélie. He follows her everywhere and wants to sleep right beside her at all times.

Scentsy :

I'm planning a Scentsy relaunch. In February I will be attending a big Spring Sprint and hope to have some great ideas. :)

27 weeks :

I have no idea how I got to be 27 weeks pregnant. Seriously, it's like I blinked and then here I am ... I think I might be rather big for how many weeks I am but it's like I'm petite with a huge belly and some wider hips ... it's weird ... 0_o.

Baby N :

Amélie loves this baby already. I hope it sticks. I'm not even a little bit worried about juggling three kids because I am secure and confident enough to say no to things I think will be too much. There is no reason to spread myself thin to please other people and I trust that they will consider that when I say no instead of flipping out. The people in our family and friends are pretty considerate.

Maternity Leave :

Holy Hannah I'm so looking forward to it. I like to take at least a month ahead of time to get the house ready, to spend time with kids, to be able to sleep on a schedule that my body wants instead of what work needs. I have some sick days as well so I am going to use some and be done in March. I have a day in mind but still juggling it around.

Spring :

Usually I don't get antsy about spring until February but, is it just me, or is winter extra long this year?

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