Sunday, January 20, 2013

26 weeks

Or ... you know ... whatever ....

Baby N moves around a lot, when I'm sitting down and driving it's the most annoying. At first, the amount of weight that I've put on in such a short span was driving me crazy, but then ... I remembered this IS my third child ... I mean ... my body is just stretchier .... isn't it?

I'm more tired this time around, and kind of wish I could cut down my work days but ... with this cold and crappy weather it almost HAS been cut down because I refuse to drive when it's -40. Blech!

On Thursday I'll have more stats, maybe ... unless I forget all the info ... which is possible.

The ultrasound we had in December told us that so far everything was good so that's helpful.

I don't have anything else to say ... this is a really boring update.

Want to hear about Pinterest instead?

I found some great recipes there! (oh sorry you said no?)
I also found some 'why are these on here' recipes ...

Then I started pinning things I would like to get for Baby N.

Pinterest is a really great way for me to keep things organized ...

Now that I look at how many weeks pregnant I am ... I'm still pretty far away ... darn it. I wish spring would show up already (BAHAHAHAHA it's only January)

That's all I got for tonight ... hm. Maybe next post will be more entertaining ...

I'm looking for soup recipes if anyone has any? Some that are great to freeze?

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