Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stop saying Fuck.

As Corey and I are surfing Pinterest, searching for a recipe for stuffed mushrooms, and using innappropriate language, Amélie suddenly looks at us and declares :

"Stop saying Fuck. That's a bad word and you shouldn't say it. Are you a bad guy? No. So you don't say that word. Fuck is a bad word. Then I say it and it's bad."

There was no way we could keep a straight face. It had maybe slipped out once, but she heard it, while wearing headphones and surfing on YouTube.

Oh man oh man ...

We laughed. I had to immediately go to the washroom.

We also got in trouble for laughing.

I should point out that earlier today she also said 'Holy Fuckers that's nice' while we were surfing online. I had told her we don't talk like that and only daddy talks like that because he doesn't have an expanded vocabulary with good describing adjectives.

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Anonymous said...

Priceless!!! Eva's favourite is "shit." This is usually said when something she is doing isn't working for her. Gilles blames me, but we both know that it all started when he was installing the new electric heater at the entrance.