Sunday, November 25, 2012

Random update

One month until Christmas.

At the end of the week it'll be time to start decorating the house. I've put some lights up in Amélie's room, but that's about it. We bought new bulbs in pink, purple and some other color that I hardly noticed, and a couple new ornaments. Since we get a real tree, we might postpone until the 2nd or even later in the week after.

I was off work because of intense headaches but after two chiro appointments I seem to be feeling a bunch better! Yay! I hope my boss appreciates my new found ambition ... it might start costing money - but it's for the KIDS!

I've been told to take it easy and not rush into things. Well, of course, but it's almost Christmas! There's so much to do.

I've managed to check off quite a few on my shopping list, all from shopping the great deals on Friday - online. I know that it's commercialism and all that crap but for people on a budget it makes us feel good to be able to buy something of quality! I still LOVE homemade gifts, but I still feel good being able to get a really good quality something when I can.

Speaking of homemade gifts, I'm not very crafty anymore. I don't know how that happened ....

Also - I am still fighting with yeast for making bread. I should just quit, but I love it when it accidentally turns out

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