Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tupperware Part 3

Episode Fridgesmarts .... again

Ever since I got my Fridgesmart containers, I've been eating much, much better. Today, while grocery shopping I spent more time in the fresh food aisle than I normally would. It was encouraging to know that my fruits and vegetables would last a little longer than they usually did so I bought a better variety! Of course not more than Fridgesmart containers. 0_0.

I've also noticed that we drink more water because of our pitcher in the fridge (also Tupperware). Another great thing, but much less healthy, is my chips are no longer going soft and gross as soon as I open the bag. I simply put the bag, rolled up in a Tupperware container and voila. Ready for the next time I want chips.

I want to put everything in Tupperware containers. Even my kids. Sometimes. Most times. I would buy a vented Fridgesmart for them, of course.

My sister also loves Tupperware. My other sister too, I think my sister-in-law to be loves it too. I should get her Tupperware for her shower. Practical AND fun. I could stuff it with fun goodies.


OOoooooh I could stuff it with Scentsy and Velata!!!!

Sidenote : Corey also loves Tupperware for hunting.

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