Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whose idea was that?!

I would post pictures of my preschool class madness but I'm pretty sure that's against the rules.

I'm not sure the wisdom behind this project.

Three classrooms were getting smartboards ... I stole their smartboard boxes. These babies are HUGEMONGOUS!

At first, we tried to make a pirate ship but our imagination was lacking, so we turned one into a castle/house instead. It was pretty awesome.

Then we turned the other one into another house, with a drive-thru window and door you have to crawl through.

These boxes/houses take up half my class ... no joke. The kids even have to huddle together for circle time. It's a little intense.

Then to add to the madness I decided we should do something with the left over boxes I'd collected.


The kids made spaceships, complete with - hello! - fishing poles! Because seriously what spaceship DOESN'T have a fishing pole?! Ours are fully equipped, and they are currently being decorated, finished up ... they recently had speakers and microphones added to them because, why didn't Mme Linfitt think of it, they couldn't communicate without them. Duh.


I'm thinking of keeping the boxes until next year and using them for my next class. I mean seriously ... they are nice.

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