Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chocolate covered everything

Recently, Scentsy came out with a new 'brand' called Velata. I thought it was so dumb. Seriously? Fondue warmer? Really? A whole new brand for it? Dumb. What a dumb idea.

I kept checking the forums/comments - mixed reviews, but then better reviews and then the inevitable. I wanted it too.

I got some and told myself it was just so I can say - what a dumb I idea.

Having a new brand for it is still a less than great idea, but the idea of a fondue warmer that I don't have to remember I turned on is pretty awesome. In fact, they must have made it JUST for me. This is how it works.

1. You take your warmer out of the box.
2. Put the lightbulb in the warmer.
3. Plug it in.
4. Turn it on high.
5. Pour your chocolate 'chips' in.
6. Wait.
7. If you get bored you can take a dipper and, you know, test it out by swirling it.
8. Once it's all melted and warm enough for you, lower the setting to low.
9. Eat.
10. If you somehow managed to not eat it all or you felt unbridled guilt at eating so much chocolate (but hey there was fruit there too probably) then turn it off and wait for it to cool a bit - saran wrap it and toss it in the fridge. (You can also buy a lid for it)
11. You ate it all? Pig. Toss it in your dishwasher (uh ... the warmer top not the entire warmer) or wash it in your sink which takes like 5 seconds you lazy ass.
12. Done. Unless you spilled and wasted chocolate everywhere then you should wash that up.
13. Once it's on low it's not supposed to burn and I haven't had this problem yet - but you know how things are if you use chocolate OTHER than Velata chocolate then yada yada, warranty etc ...

So. Basically I've had chocolate fondue almost every 2nd night. Except when I ran out of chocolate and didn't want to use normal chocolate.

Suggested dippers :


Okay that's pretty much all I tried so far but ... I'm going to do bacon soon. It's supposed to DEFINITELY put me on the list for a triple bypass ....


Ford said...


Just wondering - have you tried non-Velata chocolate in your warmer yet? How'd that work out? We received one recently as a gift, and whether we use it or regift it is going to depend on whether it only works with Scentsy's expensive-ass proprietary chocolate bags.

Thanks a bunch.

Corinne Linfitt said...

Attempt #2:

Okay my first attempt at posting a reply failed ... so I'll try to remember what I wrote ... but I'm tired to ... actually here's an abbreviated version :

It sounds like you already know you want to give it away so I would just do so. The Velata warmer doesn't melt regular chocolate because regular chocolate needs to have cream or whatever mixed with it, and needs to be constantly supervised ... and needs to be on a stove or over a candle? (I'm not fondue knowledgeable at all)

I'm sure you have someone in mind to give it to but in case no one told you : tell them to melt the chocolate wafers directly into the warmer instead of microwaving it. I've never had success with the microwave and my beef with the Velata is the instructions on how to use it ... anyways ... good luck!!

:) I hope that was at least - slightly - informative.

Ford said...

We actually decided to just go for it last night. The bulb in the box was broken, so after a quick Google check to confirm that the Velata uses the same bulbs (they do), I threw in the bulb from my fullsize Scentsy warmer and we proceeded with testing. Takes a little while to melt stuff fully (about 10 minutes), but it handled Velata chocolate, melting chocolate from Michael's and regular old chocolate chips just fine. I don't know how bar chocolate would do, but you're definitely not limited to the Velata stuff. Hope this helps!

Corinne Linfitt said...

Yay!! That's cool!

I had no luck with regular chocolate 'chips wafers' but did you use like actual chocolate CHIPS? Baking chips? Hmmmmm .... I also hadn't tried chocolate from Micheals ... now I'll have too!! Regardless, my favorite is still the Velata chocolate anyways ...

I wonder if it would melt regular caramel ....

Ford said...

Yeah, actual chips - these were milk chocolate and probably quite a bit softer than dark/semisweet chips are, so I'm sure that helped the melting.

The Michael's chocolate is specifically for melting (the idea being that you can use it to make molded chocolate/candy ingot things).

We're wondering if it will melt cheese, and while I'm highly skeptical that it will (temps seem way too low), I figure we'll pick up some brie or something and test that theory soon also.

For now, going to try these out since we have some white chocolate chips lying around from a past project: