Monday, June 11, 2012

Tupperware Part 2

This may become a problem.

I've recently become obsessed, somewhat, with my Fridgesmart Tupperware containers. I've always had a problem keeping produce fresh but now ... man ... they are SO fresh.

I've also had problems keeping fruits in any good shape, but again, this is a thing of the past - which has enabled my other little obsession of dipping everything in chocolate. That's another post completely.

My Fridgies (aka Fridgesmart Tupperware containers) are almost always full. If they aren't full or holding something, it's because they are waiting to be washed and refilled. They've had cherries, strawberries, lettuce, watermelon, cantalope etc ...

I had also gotten some cereal storers, which suddenly encouraged us to buy more cereal? Kind of annoying because instead of one or two kinds we have 5 kinds and not enough containers.

I'm less impressed by my cheese shredder. It shreds well, but the container doesn't fit properly and I keep cutting myself. I also have more orange peelers than I know what to do with.

Another favorite is my microwave dishes. True I'm eating mutated food that will ruin my life forever, but MAN it's super awesome not to have spillage and splatter in the microwave!!!

I had bought some cups from Tupperware and they've pretty much just taken over as cups for everyone.

A - you can use them with a lid and a straw
B - you can just use them normally
C - they hold a lot of drink
D - easy to clean.

They are pretty much brilliant and come in nice colors.

I have a few other things that hold stuff in them and pour stuff out of it and it's all great.

But .... this could be a problem because once you start organizing your shit in the cupboards ... you just have to organize all of it or it looks messy.

This might become an expensive problem. I should take up drinking - I think it's cheaper ... and I won't care if my cupboards are disorganized - plus another way to use my Tupperware cups.

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