Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why you have to be so specific with kids.

First I'd like to start off by saying - fail. I was going to blog every day until Christmas but missed two days in a row. SUPER lame.

On to more important stuff :


Amélie is a good at finding loopholes.

Me : Amélie you can't have chocolate milk in bed or I won't snuggle you.
Amélie : Here mom put my milk on the floor
(we snuggle)
Amélie : Okay mom you have to leave now.
Me : Umm ... okay
Amélie : Give me my milk.
Me handing over milk and leaving. A few minutes later
Amélie : MOM! Come snuggle me!!
Me : I said you couldn't have chocolate milk-
Amélie : I'm not drinking anything. (shows me her empty cup)
Me : Damn it.


Me : Okay Amélie you either have chocolate milk OR me to snuggle you. You can't have chocolate milk and drink it and then I snuggle you.
Amélie: Okay. Chocolate milk please.
Me : Here.
I leave. A few minutes later
Amélie : DADDY!!! Come snuggle me!!!



You can imagine how specific things get around here now.

That doesn't just apply to Amélie ... Corey needs specifics too. Just sayin'.

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