Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online Shopping - ToysRUs

So I was browsing some online stores, just checking out the 'black friday' deals ... on Saturday. I went to Toys R Us Canada because sometimes they have really good deals in their flier. I was checking stuff out and found some GREAT!!! deals. So I perused and hemmed and hawed and put things in, checked prices elsewhere, checked shipping etc ...

Anyhoot. I had my order totalled to just over 100$ so I could get 20$ off shipping. Once I checked out and paid then it told me one of my items was out of stock!! CURSES!! But it said it just removed it from my cart so I was all like ... fine. Then I realized it charged me 22$ shipping!! Well ... That brought me OVER what I was paying the first time!

Are you following because seriously this might get confusing.

My first total was 114$ and after my item was removed and shipping was added the total was 117$. I was supremely annoyed. I decided to cancel my order and do it over.

I went to the help section where it told me to wait for my confirmation and then to follow the link. It said usually within five minutes it shows up in my ToysRUs account and I can cancel within a limited time. So I waited - impatiently - constantly checking and ignoring my sister and niece.

Two hours later, nothing so I sent an email to them saying what happened and what I was trying to do. Then we proceeded to play with the kids, etc ...

Two hours after THAT I come back online to find that it is posted in my account and there is no way to cancel it. I was losing my cool. I mean, I was paying more money and getting one less toy!!! NO SENSE AT ALL!!

I spotted a number - as I was filling out another irritated help issue - and called them. I got through very quickly and the guy checked it out and is all -

"Ohhh I see. I'm very sorry that your item was taken out of your cart-."
"I'm not mad about that. I was too slow, I get it, but I'm mad I couldn't cancel and redo the order because as you can see it's costing me more money to get one less toy."
"Yes, I can't cancel the order-." Me sad "But I can refund you the shipping. Would that be acceptable?"
Not sure I understood I go on anyways, "Yes?" I wasn't sure I ACTUALLY  understood his words, kids were screaming around me, "So Will I be charged the full amount on my credit card?"
"The full amount will be charged but then it will show a credit for 22,47$."


I am super happy. I immediately called two people to tell them how happy I was lol. I mean it still would have been cool to just redo the order but ... this is good too ;)

It's like I went shopping and got good deals and didn't pay for gas!! I'm all over that.

Awwww yes :) I love ToysRUs.

Although I admit for a few moments I didn't.

PS : I decided not to try and dye my hair blond by myself. I will wait until someone with more knowledge in this area can do it. :)

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Tina said...

Oh wow! That is excellent customer service. Good job Toys R Us! And good for you for calling to raise hell about it!