Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My sister recently had an Arbonne party. This isn't the first Arbonne party I've been to. In fact, it's the second. This second one was about ... a lot better. I'm still skeptical.

The first time I bought Arbonne I bought the baby lotion - both my kids broke out in rashes. I didn't know how/what to do to return it. I suppose in hindsight I knew it could be returned but the consultant lived FAR away and I didn't think it would be worth the hassle. :/ Hence - it is best to support local and family when it comes to these things.

That being said, my cousin and my cousin's wife ... er ... the first cousin's sister-in-law both sell Arbonne also. So does my step-sister (ish) in-law. I feel like everyone is selling Arbonne.

Anyways - I hate pushy sales people.

Onward, so I understand believing in your product but I get really irritated when I say - my kids had a reaction and people are just bewildered about it. Obviously I must be lying. I'm not. They broke out in insane rashes. Perhaps they are allergic to the fruit inside I don't know. Whatever. I'm just stating my kids were allergic or didn't react well to the baby lotion. That is all.

I had also bought the cooling foot creme that I hardly use ... ever. But when I did use it ... it did work.

So this time I bought the shampoo/conditioner to try it on my gross, dandruffy hair. Head and Shoulders is only pissing me off. Trust me,  ya'll will know if it works because I'll be super excited that it worked!!

I am intrigued in the big RE9 set but I don't have 400$ nor the patience to wash my face that many times or do that many things to my face. Seriously, I only wash my face if I put makeup on or if I smeared food. Grossed out? Don't be, by washing your face you are stripping it of the many good things on your face. Or something much fancier. Ask the Arbonne consultant - although ... I don't think she'd suggest not washing your face.

Wait. I guess I kind of do rinse it in the shower ...

........ I should shave my legs .....

Preaching to me about how healthy Arbonne is doesn't work for one reason - everyone says it about everything - except perhaps aspartane ... and drugs ... but people on drugs think it's all fine. Although I am turned off my putting baby oil or mineral oil on anything because it's gross. It is. That is a fact. Fresh, clean ... that's nice. So we'll see what the shampoo does and I can't WAIT to try it.

I also sampled a chew that is supposed to kind of help cravings (okay seriously I would be the worst consultant in the universe for this stuff because I can't remember half the things she said) after chewing three seconds I didn't want it anymore. I was full lol. But ... it didn't really stop me from snacking ... I think the cheese dip was just that awesome!!!!! GO EPICURE DIP!!!

OMG I want more of that cheese dip. GAYLE you should bring it to Lynne's on Wednesday!!! Do it. Oh ... but it might not be good anymore. That makes me sad.

Sigh. What else.

I really dislike pushy consultants.

Gayle's consultant wasn't pushy by the way. Well ... no she wasn't. She even gave Amélie the polka dotted bag. and put up with TWO kids just yelling and spilling water all over the place. It was interesting lol.

I should do some work or something.

I don't really want to ...

What could I do?

I  hope my boss never, EVER finds my blog. I'm so serious lol.

If he's reading this. I just dated this to be posted while I'm at work to fool you. FYI. Just sayin'.


JT said...

I'm not a fan of Arbonne (or pushy sales people) either. Whenever I'm approached by Arbonne (or Mary Kay or any of those other ones), I just tell them that I'm a soap and water kind of girl.

At my last trade show, I was flipping through an Arbonne catalogue and nearly CHOKED at the cost of their items. The Arbonne woman was proud to point out that I ordered $840 worth of stuff, I would only have to pay $420. Lady, my first car didn't even cost that much...no way am I paying that amount for soap!!!

Also, you're not crazy when you say your kids had a reaction...I had a horrible reaction to the sea salt face scrub stuff - it burned my face. Awesome.

JT said...

that should say *if* I ordered $840 worth of stuff...