Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's the yeast.

Bah. I got really tired of my bread/buns/cinnamon buns not turning out. Many of you suggested it was my yeast but I'm a pretty stubborn person and I figured that since it was still active it was still fine. It turns out ... this is not true.

Interesting fact : Even if yeast is still active ... it might still be no good.

I found a cinnamon bun recipe, bought new yeast and made two batches of cinnamon buns. I used my 'trusty' yeast for one and my new yeast for the other. I should have taken pictures because ... it was comical. They were both active and I did them at the same time so they got the exact same temperature of water/milk etc ... all was the same. When it was time for the dough to rise I couldn't get my dough out of the oven. My 'trusty' yeast didn't rise much but my new yeast made my dough rise so high it was a little stuck between the rack and the top burner. Woopsies .... haha.

I did punch it down and get it out. No worries. Before I had even finished rolling out my 'new' yeast it was trying to rise again. Good heavens. So. Obviously it was my yeast. My cinnamon buns from my 'old' yeast didn't hardly rise. The end difference is obvious. I have a picture or three which I will post later.

Basically ... I need to buy new yeast.

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