Monday, September 26, 2011

When someone asks you if you have access to a bike ...

... you should ask more questions before finding a bike and helmet then saying yuppers.
... the correct response is 'What's a bike?'

Me : Where are we going?
Him : Oh just a bike ride with my students.
Me : Okay. Sounds fun.

A few days later - or more I forget since he asked me way before the event - smart guy.

Me : Where are we going again?
Him : Rotary trail, it's nice.
Me : Ok.

Later on ...

Him : It's about 26 kms ......
Me : ..................................... ok.

Today ...

I got a ride to the school because ... I don't know why I just did. Call it whatever you want (Corey votes for laziness). I planned to bike back to Pat's house so I left my car there. No big deal ....

We get all set, get the tires all pumped with more air and we're off. We get past the streets and onto the trail and everything is fine. I'm all like "Look at me BIKING!!!"

That ... lasted about 5 seconds. Okay. Obviously longer since I had to stop twice and put two chains back on bikes. I was at the back of the group - which was awesome - because I could go slow and easy and relaxed and not racing around.

I got to be leader sometimes. I drank water. I have a sore butt ...

Here are some things I noted during the trip :

- I'm pretty sure rotary trail is only uphill. Pretty sure.
- 20 seconds is not enough time to cross all intersections with 16 people on bikes
- stopping suddenly in front of a group of bikers will get you injured - I said this many times during our bike ride. (It didn't happen to me because I was the leader or else way in the back with the stragglers.)
- It is hard to steer while looking behind you to make sure everyone is following.
- Yoga breathing helps you breathe away the pain in your legs when instead of peddling you want to stop and die.
- There should be a way to attach a nice comfy pillow to your seat. This is not a joke.
- When someone says 'This hill is steep' what he means is 'This hill is steep'.
- It's hard to reach your water bottle while you are biking when it's in your backpack.

So the end result is this :

My legs are sore - I can't think about biking because my legs feel like fainting just at the thought.
My pelvic bones hurt - that was worse than childbirth ;)
My hands are a little sore from the handle bars
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update I'm pretty sure it will go something like this :

Who the HELL goes biking for 30 kms!!!!!???

or possibly this

I ... I can't feel anything!!

or maybe even

I'm dying aren't I?

but hopefully

I'm OKAY!!!

Next week - Going to the GYM with another class ... no big deal ... just going to the gym ... (shrug)

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