Saturday, September 3, 2011

I just want a new house dammit!

It's a super good thing I went back to work this fall, like seriously. I used to question how all the other moms that stay home could possibly stay home and afford it, but then I realized they don't live in a house that is literally falling apart at the seams.

Makes a major difference I swear.

When you don't have to have your furnace tinkered with every few months, or pay ridiculously high heating/power bills because your house is less than energy efficient it makes a difference. When you worry less about your water suddenly stopping it's flow or the septic pump deciding to quit ... also a major difference.

You would think that if we just put new of all those things it would solve the problem, but it doesn't. We had a BRAND NEW motor/fan put in our furnace and now ... it's not working again. BLAH! I just need it to work for TWO-THREE MORE YEARS!! COME ON FURNACE!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

That being said ... does anyone have a spare furnace they aren't using right now? Thought I'd ask. You never know.

Oh and to top it off we are trying to catch up on me being off for two months (less than wise in hindsight), save up for Amélie's dental (which is less stressful because it's going to be covered-but still) and now I'm going to add buy new furnace. Can we say ... skip Christmas this year?

If somehow we get a miracle and our furnace graces us with heat until at least after Christmas, I will be SO SO happy. I'd be even happier if it worked until next spring, then I think we'll have to put a new one in whether we want to or not.

Oh and to top it off my washing machine needs to be replaced ASAP. It sounds like it's going to burst into a million pieces at ANY SECOND!!

ALSO, my car needs a serious tune-up.

Really though, I have a budget set up. If only I could get my husband to stick to the budget I know that eventually I could get a new furnace AND a new washer (or really I'm okay with semi-new - or totally used but still awesomely functional).

I AM grateful for all that I have. I am. But SERIOUSLY!!!! COME ON NEW HOUSE!!! IT's hard to save up and get things paid off so we can build new if our old house keeps FALLING apart and we need to buy things for it. HOUSE! Don't you understand?!

I think the house is angry we want to build new. Sigh.

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