Monday, June 13, 2011


I need to get my hair done. SIGH. I hate getting my hair done. I wish I hadn't cut it :( I'm now uber regretting cutting my hair. I can't put it up into a semi-cool ponytail, instead it's the little ... baby ponytail. (pout) Also, because I colored it ... I have the roots to now deal with. It's been STRONGLY suggested I do highlights next time because they will 'age' better.

Why color my hair? Well ... I've entered the phase of ... the greys. WHAT?! I know. I'm only 28 and I have white/grey hair. Drives me a little crazy.

Sidenote : I like to compare going to the hairdresser with going to the dentist. They always tsk at the condition my hair is in. Yeesh. I wash it honestly!!!

I would like to go blond, but ... I really don't think I'm a blond girl (HAHAHAHA) but really I'm not. I'm a brunette. I miss my long hair. When it grows out I'm going to baby it. I mean not SUPER long, but definitely longer. I love my facebook profile picture. I was even having a bad hair day and it turned out SUPER nice. THANK goodness.

On another tangent ... I should book our family pictures for the fall ... or maybe some summer ones ... I don't know. When IS The best time for family pictures anyways??

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Anonymous said...

well I agree ure definately not a blonde, you look much better with darker colors but I would agree with adding highlights. They will brighten your face up alot. personally I like the idea of summer pictures because you can get all the pretty colors of flowers and a gorgeous blue sky but then again u have to deal with the sun in your face most of the time. Hope that helps.