Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Many Things

- My bread is heavy. I realize that might not make sense to many of you but it's heavy. Kneading too much? Not letting it rise long enough? Luckily, my aunt said she'd show me the trick!

- I currently have so many Scentsy bars in stock that when I have to decide what scent to put in I just go with Rootbeer float. I should have gotten more rootbeer float.

- I'm SO SO Excited for the new catalogue/fall/winter scents to come out. Just two more sleeps!! EEEEE.

- My cinnamon buns ... I tried a new recipe. Lame. I think I'll stick with the recipe that Dot gave me. I like those ones. YUM! I was going to make some today but ran out of flour and I need a trick to get the 'sauce' on the bottom to stop collecting.

- William has been waking up earlier and earlier. I am actually not pleased by this, despite his earlier bedtime. He also headbutted my head while nursing the other morning. GAH.

- Amélie hates wearing clothes. HATES it. As soon as she knows that mémère or one of her matantes are here though she races to get panties on.

- She and Will LUV their Mononcle Devon. Okay actually they basically adore all their aunts, uncles, relatives and anyone that comes over.

- Amélie's fish are still gross when the filter isn't changed and I hate having to remember to feed them but recently Amélie's 'Aladdin' (her betta) died so she got a new one and he's blue. So, blue.

- I go back to work soon and I need the money but not looking forward to it. Sigh. Once I get into a routine it'll be fine I suppose.

- Amélie decided she didn't want to wear diapers after her 3rd birthday so she stopped wearing them even at night. I'm impressed ... except now I have all these girlie pull-ups.

- I seriously need to put up my cupboard doors.

- August is 10% off month for Scentsy.

- Corey is so cute when he's nerdy.

- Going to the movie theater sucks. It's expensive, the popcorn is stale and gross, it's expensive, too loud, people bring their SUPER whiny kids to adult movies, omg it's also so expensive.

I may add to this list later. Most likely I won't though.

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