Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why Barney is awesome ...

Everyone always makes fun of Barney. Me included. But after a friend of mine (Jacqueline D) told me how much her daughter loves it (and of COURSE I told her it was SO dumb) I caved and let my kids watch it. They .... LOVE him.

This is why I like him too :

1. He sings songs. Good songs. That make sense and are about something. Not stupid things like that Four Squares girl that does the poems. Wtf is up with those stupid poems???

2. Many of the songs are brought back in many of the episodes so it's not just one episode for that song. Amélie LOVES the fact that she now knows a few songs that are in many of the episodes and is proud she can sing along.

3. William just likes watching and when Amélie dances so does he. He LOVES dancing and rocking out. He's even started clapping along with many of the songs.

4. For being a huge dinosaur puppet thing ... Barney is really flexible and spry. He runs around everywhere frig.

5. He teaches kids to use their imagination and I've noticed a MAJOR change in Amélie in using her imagination. I means he used it before but now she doesn't need something to BE something (ie a doll, she'll take a pop bottle and pretend it's a doll now)

6. Okay seriously, the kids are hilarious in their acting but I've seen a million times worse. Like those kids on that freaky yoga show with the creepy little floating creepy ... things ...

7. There are more I'm sure but .... basically don't diss Barney because he's my new pal. The music is the bomb and I'm super happy I can buy his CDs and get away with saying 'I have kids'


Tina said...

In regards to #6 - you are totally talking about Waybaloo. That show is SO STUPID. Ugggh!

That being said, I can't jump on the Barney train with you. I've tried to watch it with my kids before and it makes me feel like my eyes and ears might bleed. But to each their own! Right now I'm loving Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior... totally awesome!

Corinne Linfitt said...

If I got that channel, I might jump on that train with you but ... I don't so ... lol. I love some of the other Tree House shows but ... another one that pisses me off is Max and Ruby. SO IRRESPONSIBLE!!! Anyways ... we watch Netflix mostly so until Disney signs up with them, we are Barney bound bahahaha