Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birthday party hindsight

Amélie blowing out the candles on her Princess and the Frog cake
William just after Pepere Deault scared him
Next year, we're renting the bowling alley, or something like that. Our house is just way too small for that many family members and friends. On the upside, we were all VERY close ;)

Amélie had a great time with everyone, especially her friends Desi and Kaylee. Despite the weather outside the kids went out and blew bubbles and from what I'm aware of ... no one got hurt.

Will hung out with his 2nd cousin Ryder and the 'little' girls like Madelaine, Kaitlyn and I think Kaylee stayed in? Either way, Will was making out with Madelaine who is 10 months older than him. She has a younger sister who is 5 months younger that Will so I think this might be a problem. I think somehow we are related?? Jacqueline??

Thanks to everyone who came and visited! I really enjoyed it :) Also, bonus points to my mom who not ONLY got me a birthday gift, but it wasn't late or ANYTHING! ... of course later when she told me she almost wore my birthday gift before giving it to me ... she kind of lost a couple points there. ;)

Now to plan for Corey's big bash in June.

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