Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salt & Vinegar chips

Tip : NEVER scratch your eye while eating salt & vinegar chips .... EVER.

That being said, my eye will undoubtedly recover and so will yours if you forget this tip.

I'm not actually sure why I like these stupid chips either. They make my hands greasy, I can't touch anything for fear of setting fire on some small wound I didn't even know existed, they burn my lips and after a while my tongue feels funny.

Same with ketchup chips, except instead of setting fire to wounds, they just stain everything red.

I don't even like chips.


Did I mention that eating chips is addicting? As is popcorn with butter ... speaking of popcorn with butter ....

I had a date night last month. We went on cheap night and I was BEWILDERED by how expensive cheap night was. THEN ... I was pissed that there were kids in our theater (totally not a kids movie in any way, shape or form), THEN ... I got irritated that my popcorn tasted LAME and I was sure the butter was non-fat or some diet butter or worse ... FAKE .... butter. THEN it was too loud. I'm only 28 years old, but that night ... I felt REALLY old. Like ... 30. 0_0. .... speaking of 30

Corey thinks he's super old. He's only going to be 30 next month, like what is his deal? He's already complaining of aches and pains that people much older than him just started complaining about. Is it a guy thing? He's always so 'tired'. Take a vitamin B dude ... anyways ....

I wish the playstation network wasn't still down. I'm really sad about that.

I have the scent 'Sugar' in my Scentsy warmer and it is making me want cotton candy. Speaking of Scentsy scents ... Amelie has a fish tank and it stinks and I hate fish tanks. I like the fish IN the fish tank, but ... speaking of the fish in Amelie's fish tank, she has 13 fish. They are getting pretty big, well the Angel fish anyways. Actually, the angel fish scare me a little bit because they are always eyeing me through the tank. Back to the scentsy ... I put our plug-in warmer in her room and it now smells like Ocean, which I thought was appropriate and MUCH better than gross fish tank.

Also, speaking of Scentsy ... I'm always over-explaining the warmers .. you know there's the Full-size warmer, the medium-size one and the plug-in. They are ALL plug-in, but the 'Plug-in' warmer sits up into the plug in ... see how confusing that is? The warmers (full-mid) come with cords. I think that makes more sense. Now that THAT is sorted ...

Why can't I watch Game of Thrones on my PS3? Does anyone know how to watch tv episodes on the PS3? Like from online? Is that possible?

I. hate. these. chips.

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