Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher strike

As per the way it's supposed to be, I was the last to realize that the teacher's were on strike study day. So I was bewildered when my boss told me there was no school/students today (he told me this last night by calling my cell phone, which is weird because I have a home phone but maybe he doesn't know that, I will remind him tomorrow). Today when I got to work it was eerily quiet, like when I used to get to work before other people .... my boss gave me this little task, that I completed in like ... 20 minutes THREE HOURS ...... and then I did some other phone call work that took the rest of the day.

Crappy fact : I just realized that I missed a meeting I was supposed to have at 1:00 pm. Crap.

I could go on about how teachers should be paid more, but to me it's just a fact. They just should be paid more. If you don't think a teacher should be paid more ... teach your own kids .... for 30 minutes. Go on. Go ahead. You just said no problem. Let's see it. FAIL!

But this blog post isn't about teachers or their strike despite the title that I just now remembered I put up there. This is what happens when you try to blog and do other web surfing at the same time.

Interesting fact : I REALLY want a laptop and an ergonomic chair ... or better someone to clean my basement so I can stop using this exercise ball as a chair. Or if you want to go all out for my birthday (which is on Monday by the way) I'll take a house.

Random annoyed thought : I really don't like those 'post this as your status if ...' statuses. They really get under my skin. Not for a particular reason, but I'm sure by the end of this little thought I'll think of something. They really annoy me. My status ... is just my status ... we're all proud of the people we love (in general) and we've all lost someone to something (of some sort). That doesn't make me less of a person if I don't post something, you know?

I've forgotten the entire purpose of this blog post.

Well ... I had a good day today. I really enjoy talking with people who share some of the same 'ideas' or who can at least have a really good discussion about something. You know the people who can admit a good point when they see one and all that. I really have to learn to contain my excitement and wait my turn to talk. I'm SO horrible at interrupting ... I blame Corey. (shrug) He talks too much so I HAVE to interrupt him.

But seriously, what was this post about anyways? I'm not even going to reread it and correct it. You get what you get.

You're SO welcome.

Also, when you are having a down day you should go to Hyperbole and a half I just spent 10 minutes laughing my ass off and now I REALLY don't know what this post was about.

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