Wednesday, March 2, 2011

William - 10 months!

Feb. 15th took first steps
Feb 22nd got steps on video. Decided he liked being naked to walk. Very proud of himself
March 2nd walked across living room.

He plays peek-a-boo or *cache-cache* ... well ... he (caches) with his hands up over his head (He doesn't want to cover his eyes because then he can't see you.) but he forgets to lower his hands so we can say *TROUVEZ* ... so ... it's awkward, or he does it so fast you've barely said 'cache- and you have to say trouvez!

He's starting to say mamamamam when he wants me (or milk) and I noticed when he's getting tired. He's said 'uh oh' and 'wow' to mom. Two sentences we use a lot with her ;) Just kiddin' mom, but generally all he says are mom, dad and something that sounds like what?

He eats basically whatever we eat, with the exception of milk, eggs and most dairy products. He's had tiny pieces of cheese and a bite or two of yogurt, but nothing else. I do have baby cereal that I mix up once in a while if what we are eating has lots of cheese or isn't really baby tummy friendly, but really I just go with how he reacts to what I give him. If he spends more time playing with it then eating it, I offer him something else.
He also drinks water from a sippy cup during the day as well as breastfeeding. He still breastfeeds too. Yay for us!

Will's favorite toys - Amélie's princess flashlight, stackable cups (also Amélie's), and likes to carry a bright builder's plus block thingie, around, usually in his mouth, like a dog.

Future mechanic? Let's hope so ....

Peek a boo!!!

Tired of the photoshoot @ 10 months old
Giraffe from Sweet Baby K

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