Thursday, March 3, 2011

All about Amélie ~ 2 years 10 months

'See you later, Happy Balentine's Day'. She says this all the time. If she's leaving the room. Bam. Going to bed. Yup. Playing a game. Also then. I have no idea where she got this from. Oh well. It's nice that it's always Valentine's day in our house.

She plays with her Barbies a lot, often re-enacting things she's seen, some things I'm wondering where she's seen it. She's going to be so excited when she finally gets her Barbie house!And poor Ken ... always in the dog house ;) but he gets to sleep with 3 women!!

Interesting fact : Her barbies are almost always naked. And they wear facecloths as dresses and blankets, and they all have Princess names like 'Cinderella, Snow White etc' even if they don't look anything like the character. Except for Ken ... his name is Ken.

She can count to ten if she wants to, she sings the ABC song but doesn't know all the letters yet. She could if I taught it to her, but obviously I haven't taught it to her yet haha.

Napping on her little couch.
'Posing?' She does weird poses lol.
Amélie is a dancer! LOVES dancing. She loves singing too, but ... she just does a medley of every Disney song she knows so you get something like 'I know you, Beauty and the Beast, I danced with you once upon a dreammmmmm ..... I know you A whole new WORLD!!!! I think this fall I will inquire about dance classes.

Amélie adores her Matante Madison - Maddie trumps everyone in the known universe. Her mémère will come over but if she has Tante Madison ... sorry Madison comes first.

I can't believe in a couple months she's going to be 3. It seems like yesterday I was cleaning her little umbilical cord :)

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