Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bags, bags, and more?

I've been recently debating the purchase of a good quality, designer diaper bag. I was immediately drawn to Ju Ju Be, mostly because it's got a cool name and neat prints, but then ... I wondered if I wanted something less 'kid oriented' and more adult ... like maybe an Oi Oi diaper bag, but THEN I wondered if maybe I wanted a diaper bag and a purse separate, because I mean I'll be going back to work soon and I've never owned a cool purse.

What is a cool purse anyways? I haven't a clue, but I don't own it that's for sure. I want something functional, that makes lots of sense. I like cramming a lot of things in my purse like agendas and DVD's and water bottles. I practically need my own diaper bag sometimes. So what should I do? Diaper bag/purse or ... Diaper bag AND purse ...

I think I already decided I need one of each. Plus a beach bag. Everybody should have a beach bag and not just a tote, because seriously, while at the lake I had to pretty much dump out my beach tote to get everything. Granted ... it was a grocery bag (reusable one) but you do what you gotta do. Maybe if I bought a REAL tote it would work better.

A backpack has been suggested. Been there done that, it sucks and isn't even remotely cool (sorry if you think it is ;) It's not even functional at all because stuff still gets lost at the bottom. No organization to it at all and the pockets on the outside only make it so I lose things more easily, when they get hooked on stuff because the pockets aren't made for baby things. Anyhoot. Back to perusing I go.

My faves so far :

Ju Ju Be's Be Prepared
Ju Ju Be's Be All

I'll post more as I pick them out.


Nikki said...

Good luck! I personally want to get an OiOi! lol

Corinne Linfitt said...

Thanks ... I'll be checking them out next :)