Saturday, March 19, 2011

Screening emails? Customer Service? Netflix?

I think my emails are being screened.

Oh you laugh now, but I think it's happening. Okay, it's hard to screen emails because the curiosity gets to most people, but it happens.

I was having this amazing conversation through email about education and the educational system and it abruptly ended. It's been a while now and I'm not sure if I should be all 'Heeeeyyyy .... what's up?', or just consider the conversation done because obviously, I have offended that person in a way that they can not email talk with me ... ever ... again.

I was also having this other amazing conversation where I went all off topic for a minute, but then apologized and have been since waiting for a reply. In fact, I sent another email not that long ago about something completely unrelated and totally cool ... still no response.

Of course, the first thing we think of is 'oh they just haven't read it yet', but when you see that person on facebook, it's only fair to assume they read the messages. I know they know how because we were talking before.... so ... what to do?

Calling the first person is out of the question, don't know each other that well. That doesn't make the ignoring of the inbox message any better ... just saying. Especially since this person is starting to come off as a self-righteous 'Never does anything wrong' type person? WHOA. I know that's not completely fair, is it? But it's the truth. That's the vibe I'm getting. This person is probably NOT like that. I'm pretty positive this person is not, just so you know. I won't even go into the vibes I give off through my emails ;)

The 2nd one might warrant a phone call. We'll see.

That's my thing. I love when people reply immediately or as soon as they can. It's like customer service ....

Speaking of customer service .... I recently downgraded our Shaw Direct package. Customer service was amazing. Seriously, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to be down to .... TSN and CNN, but Corey wanted a few others. I haven't watched 'TV' since we got Netflix.

I love Netflix.

I can watch a whole TV series without commercials ... it's awesome.

Sidenote : Heroes gives me nightmares and I wish I had a cool super power. I also can't stop watching. I suspect they added caffeine into their tv show.

That is all for now. You have been informed of my paranoia that everyone is out to ignore my email messages. I should watch less Heroes. Probably won't happen.

Double sidenote : I'm really excited for my Launch Party at Jacqueline's house!! Trying to decide what to do a draw for, some cool prizes and samples. EEEEEEEE.


Tina said...

You love Netflix? You must not live in Canada. Up here Netflix pretty much sucks donkey dick. I wish we lived in the States so it was actually worthwhile because I've heard it is waaaaay better down there.

Also - I HATE it when people don't respond to my emails/FB messages. Seriously, it p!$$es me off to no end. It's one thing if the conversation is obviously over, but when it's left hanging with no response when there really should have been, it's beyond annoying. Ugh!

Corinne Linfitt said...

I totally live in Canada! I love it! I hate commercials. I love being able to pause what I want to watch. I don't like reality shows so I can watch pretty much everything I really want to. Except Heroes Season 4. That season isn't working for me and it's annoying. Plus I've discovered some super cool new shows. :) Pretty happy with it. Even if there are glitches, I expect that with every new thing.

I get SO annoyed when they ignore me. But on the other hand, there's nothing like that awkward face to face conversation later lol.