Thursday, March 31, 2011


Corey bought Amelie some fish.

There were some guidelines of course, he had to use his poker money because I (being incredibly smart and knowing that Amelie is WAY too young for fish) want nothing to do with the fish and I object to having another animal to take care of.

So, on Tuesday, Corey and Amélie had a daddy/daughter date and went and got supplies, just a couple things since we already had the tank and lid, and some fish. Now ... the absolute excitement and pride in Amélie's little eyes was really hard to ignore. She immediately pulled the bags that contained her fish out of the bag holding them all together, sifted through until she found 'HER' fish and held it up to my eyes (literally right up to my eyes).

Interesting fact : I'm not blind.

She announced that this was 'HER fish'. It is a pinkish betta with tons of attitude. Spends most of his time fighting his reflection. Seriously the slightest amount of light makes a reflection and he goes coocoo. Also among the 'lucky' fish were two angel fish, 3 tetra somethings and my staple ... the tank cleaner dude. His name is tank cleaner dude.

Now, Amélie and Corey spent an hour getting it all set up with fresh water, getting it the right temperature, getting the fish used to the water ... blah, blah, blah. Then Amélie spent the next hour watching them float in their bags while Corey plowed the yard (to try to prevent a swimming pool in the basement).

Then they were free in the tank. Thus began the great ... Amélie vs the fish. She's already put various items in the tank, accidentally dropped the lid (including the part with the lights) and there are fingerprints everywhere.

But ... she sleeps on the side of her bed closest to the tank.
She curls up with her Scentsy Frog on the very foot of her bed, laying not lengthwise but widthwise the way only a 'little girl' can do and pulls her covers tight and watches those fish swim around.

Tomorrow I'll yell at her again for sticking Barbie and Ken into 'shark infested waters'. I'll relocate whatever she's using as a stool to reach the top of her dresser. But ... sigh ... at least she's enthusiastic about them. Very enthusiastic.

Seriously though ... I'm not cleaning that stupid fish tank.

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Tina said...

I don't blame you - cleaning a fish tank is disgusting, smelly, and gives me the creeps.... lol. We tried the entire fish thing before... didn't go so well. But I think we'll try it again once our DDs are in bunkbeds in their room and we have more space.
Good luck with the fish! ;)