Friday, March 18, 2011

101 things in 1001 days


Day 48

GAH! Agonizing whine ... shame on me!!! How dare I make a list and ignore it for the better part of this 2nd month. I have to admit, I think I need to re-edit it. Some of the weekly tasks are just piling up. They aren't impossible, maybe I just need more motivation ....

Goal Complete #7 Buy a PS3!! BOOYAH! Actually, it fits nicely into our life. I love it because it brings me Netflix. Corey loves it because he can play NHL 11 and COD with his friends and he doesn't even have to leave the house.

#19. Give Corey a massage once a week (2/143) (owe 5$ charity). This one just ... doesn't happen. It's too hard to keep track of ... wait. I just got a new agenda, maybe I will keep the challenge. I might have an easier time keeping track.

22. Cuddle with Corey on the couch, with a blanket/popcorn/pop/iced tea watch a movie/tv/play a game once a week (7/143) This one is easy actually.

26. Update my wardrobe (at least 2 new pants, 3-4 new shirts, a skirt, panties, sweater, 1 pair of shoes)
I'm actually doing good. Updated 2 new shirts, and a new sweater! Which is good because my old one was starting to get holey.

31. Make a habit of folding one basket of laundry and doing one hour of cleaning before going on the computer.
Not that tough, now that it's a habit. I will admit it's not always BEFORE going on the computer but ... I'm still calling it a success.

35. Complete at least 4 scrapbook pages per month. (0/33)
Crap. I have the 4 pages almost done, but still have 4 more to do for this month. I better pitter patter, just a little over a week left in this month.

43. Do yoga at least 2 times per week. For 15 minutes.(0/286) (owe 14$ to charity)
Wow. I'm majorly sucking at this one.
46. Go for a walk. Once a week.(0/143) (owe charity 7$)
This one also less successful.

86. No computer for a full 24 hours. Once a month. (0/33) Failed last month. Kind of just forgot about it. I won't fail this month. I'm determined. How. Hard. Can it be? (is preparing to go into full out withdrawal)

88. Blog about each goal completed/failed
89. Post at least once a week on the new blog and once a month on the old ( (7/143) (1/33)
Pretty easy to keep up on these two.

96. Read 52 books in 52 weeks. (5/52)
  Golem in the Gears (Piers Anthony)

There. All updated. :)

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