Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm not a big fan of 'parties' You know like : Tupperware, Scentsy, Discovery toys, Mary Kay ... Epicure ... you know those KINDS of things, but seriously, all the ones I just named are alright as long as they aren't all at the same time/at the same person's house stuff like that. Sometimes I go because I need/want something, other times I just really want to visit. Sometimes I have a party but really feel all self conscious that no one will come, which is why I usually don't have parties.Or then you get the impression someone wants to buy but can't come so you are practically harassing them? Yeesh. Hopefully I don't harass. We'll soon find out. ;)

Let's be honest, it's everyone's worst nightmare : host a party and have no one show up. GAH. I am lucky my sisters will drag their asses out and show up anyways. And my mom probably ... because curling is on at the same time ... I'm always surprised when people show up. Okay but honestly I've only ever had 1 party and it was Discovery Toys and I LOVE the toys, so hopefully someone else has a party soon! I have a wish list ;)

But, I will make some snacks, clean my house and hope for the best :) And seriously if you don't want to watch curling, Scentsy IS going to be here.

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