Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indecision, Return to work, Online shopping and bargains

Indecision. I can not make my mind up about anything. Seriously. Between what to make for supper to what to buy at the store, to what shirt to get from Gap Canada during their stock up sale. (I did manage to decide : I finally got myself a new 'Grandma' sweater. Pretty excited for such a good deal! Plus I needed one, mine has too many holes in it.)

I will be going back to work next month (booo), but only part-time ... I would love to 'top up' my hours somewhere but I'll have to keep my eyes open for a job as flexible as the one I'm returning too. One lame thing about living out of town is that it's harder to find a good paying job that you can work a few hours at a time. As it stands, it sort of has to be worth my gas to drive 30-40 minutes into town (and then back again) Know what I mean? Also, if I lived in town, it would be easier for me to babysit, so I could do that.

Lately, I've also discovered some online shops :,, and some other ones but since I didn't order from them I won't mention them. Come to think of it, I  haven't ordered from Babyheist but mostly because I haven't seen anything I can justify yet. I will order though because they are Canadian and it means I won't have to wait long to get whatever I order. :) Also, ebay is bringing me babylegs leg warmers! (yay)

I also browsed a Please Mum website and got a FANTASTIC deal, then I went back to see what was new and discovered 'Greenbacks' so I went through Amélie's clothes, even her baby clothes and took out things that I was okay with parting with (not so many lol) and that were in great condition. I earned 71$! worth of store credit. I will be going back because I only used 25$ (came home with around 90$retail worth of clothes). Since you can only use the greenbacks for 50% of your purchase ... I paid 27$ for my stuff. Rubber boots, fairy wings/tiara/wand, 2 shirts and a pair of pants. Amelie picked it all out herself. :)

Also, I stumbled on Old Navy Canada and they had a deal/blow out but ... I couldn't really justify buying Amelie more clothes since I still have the store credit at Please Mum, so I bought myself a new sweater and a shirt, and bought Will some pants and Amelie some sandals.

And yet, I'm still on the search for a diaper bag ... but I've been looking on because they show you the inside of bags so it's making it easier to narrow down some brands :)

Also ... we bought a PS3. WE went to Walmart and hemmed and scratched our heads but ... they didn't have the 299$ one in stock and the 399$ came with the move bundle and TONS of space, more than what we wanted ... THEN Corey wanted to go to Future shop and we came out with a PS3 with 320GB, 3 games, 1 movie, all the cords (of course) and one remote ... for ... 343$ WHAT?! I know. THEN I went to amazon for funs ... and found BOTH Corey's games on sale. FML. Spoiled. He rewarded me by fixing the furnace AND the Septic pump. We are both happy. Also we got Netflix. I love it so far. :)

My SIL had a Tupperware party and I bought some sippy cups/lids because I'm SICK of cleaning the shitty Walmart ones. BOO TO THEM. Then there's an Epicure party tomorrow (just stocking up on Corey's dip) then my Scentsy Party on Saturday! 

I can't wait!

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