Friday, March 11, 2011


Everybody loves drama.

I am as shocked as everyone else at the suddenness of Japan being hit by an Earthquake and then a Tsunami, and as I sit watching the news (which I never do) I'm trying to grasp the meaning of it all. Last night, after 3 glasses of Pepsi and a cup of Tim Horton's Mocha, I had horrible nightmares. That my kids weren't safe in this world and it still makes me upset this morning. Is this some sort of warning? Is this some sort of planetary population control? I even found my fingers googling Nostradamus predictions and worrying about 'the end of the world'.
On the other hand, I'm amazed at the efficiency of the world. Evacuations and plans for recovery and disaster control already in motion. Nuclear Plants shut down and all precautionary measures being taken. In fact, Japan is suffering 'minor' casualties. Yes, any death is sad and horrible! but to think of how bad it would have been anywhere else? And how bad it could have been in Japan with the high population? It's amazing.

Yet ... is it bad that I wonder how we can rush to the aid of the Japanese but can't even help ourselves? Yes, we should always help our neighbor ... but like in the airplane ... always put your air mask on first. I'm not saying we should not be helping them, but ... I'm just questioning I suppose. If it was me, I'd want someone to help me too. Sigh.

Interesting fact : Tsunamis are an AMAZING force of nature, but yet they are simply the 'side effect' of an earthquake. Our planet unnerves me with its power.

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MOI said...

I was up late the dy the tsunami hit japan watched the news coverage, I feel bhorrible fr those therehaving to deal with what they are dealing with. But, where I live we suffered a flood over 600 homes were affected businesses were torn down some may not rebuild cause they are not getting government help. People are still living in hotels or have moved away cause the government wont help them rebuild.

So when I read on people fb status' that we should donate for japan relief i wonder "hmmmm where was that help when so many communities from BC to Manitoba suffered mud slides, water floods, caving in homes. When Hurrican Katrina destroyed New Orleans, the media was there to point fingers but the help only lasted as long as the media was there, YES red cross is there Im n, BUT there are people still with no homes. So where is the money coming from ? why can our countries help other countries and not help their own people. I am not saying that what Japan is going thru isnt news worthy, or traumatic it is very much s and the rebuilding will take yrs. Rushing to help the country isnt news worthy to me,having watched so many people lose their homes and their memories made me a bit jaded towards other countries plights , when our own government sits back and watches their people losing everything and not helping. Yes there is relief but only a select few are getting it, you dont hear that on the news. Salvation Army can only do so much and the red cross is pretty busy
in other countries to care much about what is going on here.
Yes ! i am bitter and No i wont be donating anything yet, I have nothing to donate, i donated clothing , house hold items , my time and my washer and dryer to make sure the people of this city have clean clothing. Helping on another is very importan , but helping those close to you means more. I truly believe that if we help the people in this country first helping other countries in need wouldnt be so hard to swallow.
Today on Canada AM an embassador from Japan explained to them that japan has always saved for such an occassion they have always watned to be able to help their own people and not be reliant on other countries ! Hmmmm think we might learn something from that. He also said they DO NOT need money , they need food , clothing and necessities for the people .So yes by all means help by cleaning your closets bringing the bags of clothing to the red cross or the salvation army and tell them this is for the Japan relief , money can only go so far but clothing someone is so much more of a gift.