Friday, March 18, 2011

Netflix my Hero

Recently, we got Netflix. I suppose before that ... we finally bought a PS3 and THEN we got Netflix. It was one of the first things Corey wanted to get set-up actually. At first, I thought, meh ... just some dumb ol' tv shows/movies. But then ...

We were able to watch Blue's Clues on a pretty much never ending cycle. And when the kids got tired of that, it was Diego ... or Dora ...or some show called Horseland where all the horses have streaked manes and tails.

More importantly though ... I stumbled upon a show called HEROES (Don't give me ANY SPOILERS OR ELSE HORRIBLE things will happen to you. That's how Karma works.) I'd only heard about it, but I settled in to watch the first episode. I couldn't stop. It was unstoppable (not really, just a matter of turning it off of course.) I had nightmares. Horrible, unrealistic nightmares. Involving Spock (YOU KNOW WHY!) and Sulu (I love Star Trek).

In case you don't know : Spock (From the new movie Star Trek) and Sulu (from the old TV show Star Trek) are both on the show Heroes.

I'm actually moved on to season 2, with a few less nightmares ... right up until ANOTHER crazy bunch of dramatic things happened. I don't know how I will ever sleep during Corey's nightshifts. I probably won't ... I'll watch Heroes. Or  Blue's Clues. Or ... Horseland. I actually think I saw Babysitter's Club there somewhere ....

Interesting fact : Netflix is amazing. I also cut down our satellite bill by 40$/month.

Interesting fact 2 : My new coconut lemongrass Scentsy bar is seriously making me crave a pina colada - I don't even know what a Pina Colada is!

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