Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm going to have a Scentsy party.


Usually, someone has a party and I'm all like ...woohoo. yay. go party. (not excited)

But then while stalking catching up with some peoples' facebook pages I seen that a step-relative (through marriage) became a Scentsy consultant. I, being the type of person who likes to be in everyone's business informed and see if I can support in some way, googled it. I was very, very interested.

Then my friend (not the imaginary one, but she could be because she lives far away) was having a Discovery Toy party/Scentsy party, and I wanted to support her so I did. I also got one for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She LOVES it!! I love mine too! It took me forever to decide which scents/warmers to get. Seriously, one of the biggest decision I've ever made.

Corey hates it because it makes the house smell like sugar cookies and makes him STARVING. (That means he actually likes it) I had gotten a citrusy scent as well and it made my house smell so clean, even though it WASN'T. I totally tricked my mom!!!

Mom : Wow, it smells clean in here
Me : I know! Look at how clean it is.
Mom : I don't even notice that pile of dishes, couch full of laundry, crumbs on the floor, cobwebs in the doorways ...
Me : What are you talking about?
Mom : I don't know ... I don't see anything. My nose is having a little smell party. It's so awesome. I want some. It's so clean! It's like magic!

Interesting Fact : She doesn't have any yet, but I'm sure she will get some at my party.
Interesting Fact 2 : I wanted this to be my status but ran out of room.

You should come to my party!! I might have a basket party so I can come to you if you can't come to me :) Also, if you have a Scentsy party after I have my Scentsy party, I will definitely come to your Scentsy party because I won't be able to decide what scents to get and will have a perfect excuse to buy them at your party. Or if you have a Discovery Toy party, or possibly an Epicure party because we run out of Corey's dip really fast around here. Or if you just have a party party, I might come to that. Is there such a thing as a book party? I would SO be there.

Corey wishes there were hunting parties.

Corey : I wish there were hunting parties
Me : ... you have hunting parties all through hunting season
Corey : (sad) Not with food and drinks and show and tell ...
Me : (sad for him) Maybe ... you can MAKE A hunting party.
Corey : (getting excited) Maybe I can!!!
Me : At the same time as my Scentsy party!!!
Corey : (less excited) yay.
Me :
How can you have a hunting party though?
Corey : (sad again) I don't know ...
Me : (patting his sad back) I'll google it. (moment of silence) OR you can have a man Scentsy party!

Interesting Fact : Corey didn't think a man Scentsy party would go over well ....


Dorothy said...

If Corey found a way to have a hunting party, then Ryan would definately come!

Corinne Linfitt said...

I will let him know! He will be less sad now.

joanne said...

I love scentsy! Never smelled it before but sounds awesome! Your scentsy enthousiasm is making me really excited to go to a scentsy party!

Corinne Linfitt said...

I'm having a PARTY! What a coincidence!! you can come!! It'll b great :)

Anonymous said...

YAY! I wish they would go to soy though!