Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I like lists. And spreadsheets. And lists. And I like adjusting lists and making neat columns and adding numbers and grouping them ... alphabetically and by color.

So why can't I make a grocery list, take it with me, and get what I need?

I either forget my list, ignore my list or lose my list. Then I forget what I need and get things I don't need. Now I'm at home without anything I needed and wearing new Christmas pyjamas and eating flaxseed cornchips and ordering from Sweet Baby K.

Interesting fact : My family (husband included) thinks I buy 'old people' clothes. What does that MEAN anyways?? Eventually I WILL be in style you know.

And yes. I AM making a new list. That I will be giving to my sister because she knows how to work a list. Right Patricia?

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