Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making bread

I'm making bread today. As in right. now. It's actually rising in the oven. The concept still surprises me. How did it happen?

Interesting fact : Will is trying wear socks on his head. It isn't working.
Interesting fact 2 : Since I already have 2 posts today I might only post this tomorrow which means the updates won't make sense. Keep this in mind when you are reading.

First, I thought it would be a good idea to make bread and freeze it. After that my body took over and made bread. All by itself.

Me : What's happening?
Body : Makin' bread. Don't panic.
Me : I'm panicking a little!
Body : Get the salt
Me : Salt? Okay. I can't find salt!!! (panicking now)
Body : Don't panic, it's going to be okay. Did you get the yeast?
Me : Omg. I did!!! How did I do that?? (freaking out)
Body : Now mix this together.
Me : No. I don't want to. (resisting)  Are you supposed to mix yeast? Wait. Stop arm! Why aren't you listening?!!!
Body : We're making bread. It's no big deal.
Me : (sobbing) It Is a big deal. (GASP for breath) I can't make bread!!!
Body : Look. You're doing it!
Me : (pause) I - I am. I AM doing it!! (Crazy happy) I'm MAKING BREAD!!!
Body : Now, cover it and put it in the oven.
Me : What if it doesn't rise?
Body : Don't worry. It'll rise
Me : I have to tell FACEBOOK!!
Body : After you clean up.
Me : No. You clean up.
Body : Okay.
Me : Okay. Wait a minute ....

Some time later

I told facebook.
Bread dough!!!

Update : The bread rose. I think. Not entirely sure, but when I punched it, it definitely had risen a little bit. So Amélie and I made two loaves and a little man. With a baby loaf for the little man. And now we're waiting to see if it rises again.

In the meantime, this :

I like shopping online. A lot. I've discovered a few sites, like Babysteals and kidsteals and scrapbook steals. The deals are awesome! But it depends what you want, sometimes the shipping is outrageous if it weighs over a certain amount. That means I couldn't get Amelie the awesome rubber boots that were on sale, nor could I get the rainbow blocks because it wasn't worth the shipping. But I did get babylegs, footless tights and a scrapbook kit of alphabets. I've also been perusing the Please Mum site. Anyone have experience with it? I can read a size chart a hundred times but still not be sure if it's lying to me or not.

Update : Bread rose again! Yay!? Now to see how it tastes once it's cooked/baked.

Update on the 'in the meantime' : Too late ordered stuff.

Also. I'm watching 'The Princess and the frog'

NEW update : The bread man was yummy.

Done bread! I forgot to get a picture of bread man. Oh well. Also.
I love how my bread doesn't really look like a normal piece of bread ... lol

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Dorothy said...

LIKE!! Also, my bread never "looks" like bread, but it tastes like bread, which is good!