Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why does my laundry set hate me?

I take pretty good care of these precious appliances in my home. Perhaps the cold draft from outside every time someone steps into the house makes them grumpy. Maybe having to sit soclose to each other, gets under their skin. I'm pretty sure that Corey piling all his crap on top doesn't help either, but whatever the reason, my washing machine and dryer hate me. Here's the proof. 

1. It doesn't matter what setting I use nor the temperature of the water ... my clothes will shrink. As soon as the door on the dryer opens, they shrink some more.

2. My washing machine randomly doesn't rinse/drain properly so that my clothes weigh about 5 tonnes and when I try to re-spin them, it protests like a fat man being put on a diet.

3. My fabric softener section on my washing machine is clogged. With fabric softener.

4. My dryer lost the knob to turn and pick a setting pretty much the day we bought it. I have no idea on what setting I've been drying my clothes for the past 7 years.

5. My dryer likes to get things stuck in the drum, even if it's a normal, healthy looking towel ... and then rip it to shreds.

6. My washing machine sounds like a jet plane taking off .... and crash landing.

7. My dryer likes to dry things. Twice. Or more.

8. My dryer is better than mom's dryer which doesn't stop. Ever. Until it's done. Even if you open the door, it's still drying clothes and swirling them around so you have to play catch the clothes.

9. When Corey put my washing machine back together ... we were missing one washer ... and had one extra bolt ... hmmm...

10. No matter what I use in the dryer, Norwex balls, static cling, fabric softener ... I get the most static, shocking clothing ever.

Nothing is easy around here. Sigh.


Dorothy said...

#4...If your dryer is stuck on HIGH, then that could possibly be why your clothes are shrinking.

#10..If your house has dry air (like they do at Luc and Cecile's) then even if you use dryer sheets, the air will make your clothes staticy. I had that problem too for a while until I got a humidifier that I run 24/7 unless we are leaving for the weekend.

Corinne Linfitt said...

My high/low setting is on low (I didn't lose that knob). :)

And the ultimate static is a new thing. Not sure what changed that's making it uber staticky. :)