Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've seen a lot of videos lately of .. various things. Videos and pictures ridiculing someone, or a situation. I have usually ignored them, but recently ... I came across an entire facebook page ridiculing bad drivers and parkers and I immediately got upset. Sometimes I can't park properly, sometimes my anxiety makes it so I park where I can, I go in and get out of wherever as quickly as I can and I leave. Sometimes my kids are screaming and crying and fighting and I just need to stop my vehicle or it's distracting and I do something uncool like cut someone off. Sometimes I go to park and someone has already screwed up and so I have no choice but to park equally ridiculously.

I was worried I would find our van badly parked in those photos. I didn't but I was still very bothered. Isn't that slandering? Isn't that making assumptions? How do we know those people deserve to be publicly humiliated? And sharing a video of an accident or something bad happening to someone else seems like poor taste. It also feeds everyone's need to see bad accidents and give their opinions. I'm sorry but that accident is not up for public debate, it's up to the police and those involved. I'm ashamed to have watched the video in disbelief as a huge truck ran the light.

Or am I being too paranoid? I don't know ... it doesn't feel okay to post pictures of someone's error in judgement without permission and any video depicting something like that gorilla thing ... is horrendous ... unless the parents had given their approval I guess. I'm sure they didn't. What a yucky feeling that gives me to know that one day I could be having a rotten day and then wake up to have it plastered everywhere without anyone knowing the entire situation.

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