Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New hatch!

I recently hatched out 14 chicks. After my last attempt, I wanted to try again and get better at it, but I really didn't need a ton more chicks (Hello I have 73 chicks.) I found someone who wanted to buy some chicks so I made a deal and started incubating 30 eggs. That's right. 30. I figured ... if I didn't do well, I should get at least a few.

By day 14, I culled 2 that didn't grow properly.

By Day 20 I had 2 chicks born already! And it was the same weekend as Amelie's First communion/confirmation so ... that's right ... lol, super busy.

New babies! Born June 18-19th
Lucky  far left back - the tiniest chick I've ever seen. It hatched upside down - it was ... a breech baby. HAHA

Seriously, awesome coloring on this one

All the babies on their last night here.
73 chicks They are now separated into 2 groups. Meat chicks and Laying chicks.
Out of the 28 left, 14 were born. 1 leghorn/barred rock and 13 barred rock. One of them was born
with it's 'intestines' hanging out so I thought .... darn. But it turns out it wasn't it's intestines. It was the yolk sac. This chick is SO TINY and adorable, but super, super annoying. I still don't know if it'll live long enough to be productive but it has already surpassed my expectations so off it goes with it's siblings to a new home!

I also ordered some leg bands so I can put some on the chickens to tell them apart, like Henrietta, Little Peep etc ... you know the 'special' ones.

I can't wait until next year to hatch more eggs!!

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