Sunday, September 20, 2015

Christmas 2015

I've decided to try and not overdo it on Christmas this year. It's so easy to just get things because you know your kids will like it ... unfortunately it lasts about 5 seconds. They get overwhelmed. Too much I say. This year ... we're going to try this :

Something they Want
Something they Need
Something to Wear
Something to read.

I also gave myself a budget of 100$. Because ... Santa is also bringing :

Something to Play with
Things for Stocking

Even with Santa's budget of 80$ ... that's 720$ for 4 kids! (Nolan and Nikki are not likely to have all their 'budget' money used up which will go back in the pot for next year - but still!)

So you see ... it can add up very quickly for 4 kids. I've already started talking about how Santa told me he has seen how many toys they have and how he's sad they don't take great care of them or play with them as much (although my kids mostly have 2nd hand toys and are HARD CORE toy players. Nothing survives lol). So Santa has decided only to bring one gift each and he might add little things to the stocking. I've also told the kids they won't be getting a lot of what they want so they need to decide their favorites. Not sure if I'll add to my explanation or change it up ...I'll play it by ear.

Santa ... has already gotten one gift that he thought of during the summer when it was on super-sale. I mean when his elves were making it ....

The thing is ... with my budget - even for Santa gifts it means I have to really watch for sales or find awesome 2nd hand for some things.

For example : I wanted to get William a new comforter this year - but also a big lego set. Those are ginormously expensive and we already got him a lego table (something he needs) and a lego idea book. This requires a lot of interesting and number crunching. I love number crunching. Love. It. I also love sale shopping. Got both his items at 50% off so BAM.

I'm hoping to come in way under budget ... Go Me!! I'll let you know how I do. What do you do? Do you have a budget? What does everyone's Christmas budget look like?

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