Monday, April 15, 2013

Spay/Neuter your dog

I realize that spaying and neutering an animal can be expensive. I ... know. Actually spaying is more expensive ... but anyways ...

I also know the horrific truth about kill shelters and I've seen what happens to animals that stay too long in SPCAs. I've had to hold a dog and watch the life slip from it's eyes and I've had to live with it until the shelter I worked at was able to start fostering the animals out.  Even with the foster homes we found ... many animals had been ruined/turned violent or were too old and no one wanted them and I still had to hold those innocent lives and watch them go. It wasn't easy for the vet either.

If you are going to get a dog you should consider a few important things.

A - Why do you want your dog?
B - What are you going to do if it doesn't get along with your kids/lifestyle?
C - How much thought are you actually going to put into this????

Sometimes, it happens, you do your research and get your dog home and realize ... ah crap ... this is just ... WAY too much for me. I get it. You find it a new home and get a more appropriate pet - like a fish ... okay sure ...

What I don't get ... is the people who have perfectly good dogs ... but they've decided they want different dogs so they get rid of their dogs and get a new dog - just cause. What??? Where is YOUR loyalty???

I think above all ... my biggest pet peeve is those people that are breeding their mixed breed dogs. Why are you doing this? Do you have ANY inkling of what you are doing? What if your dog has 10 puppies ... that's TEN NEW HOMES ... what are you going to do if they don't find homes? How can you be sure that they will be well cared for at these new homes? This isn't a game ... it's not a joke, it's animal lives! Is your dog in possession of some super amazing ability that you think will be passed on and everyone will line up to get one?

I've seen puppies being put to sleep because they've gone utterly crazy in shelters, have been abused beyond shelter budget repair ... or were injured so badly there was just nothing we could do.

Unless your dog was bred for a special purpose - cattle, hunting, showing ... there is literally no reason to have puppies. It won't make your dog 'stay in the yard', or quieter or anything like that. People who want to pay lots of money for their animals generally want something proven, good quality and from reputable breeders. I'm not saying all breeders are 'professionals' nor am I saying that 'regular people' can't take care of their animals properly but I've just seen TOO MANY ads of 'please come take these puppies!!' and then all of a sudden I see another post about them proudly announcing their dog is pregnant again.


The cost to spay your dog ... will cost you less than having to feed a pile of puppies for a year ... and selling unregistered animals for lots of money is uncool.

Puppies aren't toys.

Then I read about people flippin' out because the SPCA is charging 100$ to adopt an animal ... wait ... if you can't afford 100$ ... how are you going to afford your animal. Not only is this animal already spayed/neutered (unless too young) but it's most likely had it's shots and a vet check ... that actually SAVES YOU MONEY.

PS - And I'm a total hypocrite because I don't feel the exact same way about cats LOL. AAHHHH I know ... but farm living makes it tougher for cats to survive so - to me - if they breed ... I'm actually okay with it. I know ... HYPOCRITE

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