Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do we need anything for baby?


And also no ... lol

I do have ... you know ... things that I would like??

I've had enough people ask about it now I decided to sit down and think about what I could use and here is the result. These are things I will be purchasing or doing myself ANYWAYS but if you want to help out that's very sweet of you (but DEFINITELY not necessary lol) :

1. Frozen meals. I hate cooking while not pregnant so you can imagine how thrilled I'll be once baby is here ... we don't normally eat beef and I know meat can be expensive but if this is something you are interested in I am MORE than happy to provide you with the meat (moose) required for your recipe. :) This is also good because I've only eaten moose so throwing beef in there might not sit well with me? I'm not really sure how that would go - at all. (shrug) Maybe nothing would matter.

2. Gift Certificate for that Bra place in Warman - I'm just going to need to suck it up and get some good bras this time around and I really would like some good ones so any amount towards that would rock. I'm waiting until my milk comes in before going in and 'guessing' what size I'll be. I'm pretty sure I'll be fairly big but not like DD.Okay seriously now that my milk is in ... one bra just isn't cutting it LOL

3. A wrap - I'm going to be buying two no matter what. These are not like the stretchy wraps you see in stores (I already have one). I will be purchasing a woven wrap and have my eyes on a couple. They range from 100$-160$ shipped and are amazing, sturdy and will be perfect for a few years. They come in different sizes and I'm a size 4. I'm going to be purchasing used so that it is already 'broken' in. Here is a picture of one I'm eyeing up and a link to another so you can see what the heck I'm talking about : Girasol Creme Weft Size 4

4. Diapers - Anything over size 1 really.

5. A portable bassinet/sleep beside me kind of thing. I have one in mind but am waiting for a sale. This is mostly for camping - we were already very generously given a bassinet for at home.

6. Anyone want to paint my kitchen for me? Paint my cupboards?

7. OH! Make sure there is fruit/veggies at home for after baby. I know I eat a TON while I'm in the first few weeks after baby. Nursing starves me. Actually I can make sure it's here but if someone can find it in them to come and put it in fridgesmarts ... that would likely be appreciated because Corey cuts it all wrong and I'll likely be tired ;)

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