Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homeopathy conversation

We have started homeopathy for Amélie's rash, which has been deduced to being caused by needless antibiotics at her birth. But this post isn't about my usual ranti-ness against the Vic Hospital ... this is about the conversation I had with Amélie's homeopath.

This happened over skype a while ago.

Dr. O : So ... you didn't go to the hospital to have her?
Me : No.
Dr. O : What made you decide to stay home.
Me : (thinking) I just did.
Dr. O : You don't know why?
Me : I could make something up if you want. I just didn't go. I didn't want to.
Dr. O : (that look doctors give when they hear a response like that) You just didn't want to?
Me : That's right. I didn't want to. I thought about it but ... I couldn't make myself go.
Dr. O : Hm.
Me : (awkward silence) I just didn't go.
Dr. O : And then what happened?
Me : I stayed home.
Dr. O : (laughs) You are very interesting.
Me : (leans forward) You have no idea.
Dr. O : I'm sorry what was that?
Me : You have no idea ...
Dr. O : The picture is cutting in and out ...
Me : I said you have no idea!
Dr. O : I can't ... hear anything, I'll have to turn the video off. Okay now I'm very sorry about this but what was that?
Me : Well ... it's not that funny anymore but I said you have no idea.
Dr. O : About what?

Face palm.

I still like her. She likes me too I think. Not in a creepy sort of way.

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