Sunday, November 4, 2012

Conversations with Amélie and William

Amélie about her dad sucking at hunting :
Corey : I missed a HUGE buck.
Amélie : Dad ... why did you miss?
Corey : Cause I suck.
Amélie : Well ... on the other day please don't suck. I don't want to say that you suck. It's embarrassing.

At every house we went to with William for trick or treating :

William : PUPPY!!!
Me : Say thank you for the treats.
Person in house : And what are you dressed as little man? Iron Man??
William : Tony Stark. Wook PUPPY!!!

Discussing potty training with William :
Me : Do you have to use the potty?
William : No potty.
Me : But big boys use the potty.
William : No thank you.
Me : So polite.

Amélie about sharing videogames ...

Amélie : Want to play with me Mononcle Devon??
Devon : Okay.
Amélie : (hands over the remote) Okay. So you have to jump and WATCH OUT!
Devon : I got this. I know how to do this.
Amélie : (getting very worried and panicky - agitated) RUN! Look out! Here let me help you.
Devon : (holding remote away from Amélie) I. Got. this.
Amélie : I better show you how. Here, let me show you.
Devon : No.
Amélie : (reaching over more to get the remote, practically climbing over Devon to get it) Let me help you!!!
Devon : No.
Amélie : FINE!
Devon : Good.
Amélie (pouting)

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