Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am a Halloween Grinch.

I don't like getting dressed up - most times.

I don't like the cold weather and I don't like going in and out of the vehicle wrangling a 2 year old.

I don't like the kids that put NO EFFORT into their costumes (the older kids).

I don't like the greedy monsters my kids turn into after like ... one house. Although William was really more interested in bringing home everyone's dogs and he pretty much wanted to just stay at EVERY house we went to.

Luckily ....

I like when my kids are polite.

I like when the older people who hardly get kids see our kids and are SO HAPPY to see kids that it's just a great thing.

I like how excited they get once they get the hang of it.

I was impressed by William's intense determination as introducing himself as Tony Stark everywhere we went.

I like our neighbors.

I like our neighbors popcorn balls and candy apples.

We only go to farms and a few specific in town places so we know the people we get all the candy from and they know the kids.

ALL that being said - CAULIFLOWER I don't like Halloween. Bah!

I didn't even take pictues. Okay ... that was bad. Sigh.

But ... now I can focus on Christmas and Remembrance Day. I like Remembrance Day WAY more than I like Halloween. Sad isn't it?

Maybe it'll grow on me or something ....

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