Friday, October 26, 2012

3 months - or whatever

I was going to wait until I have a picture - but let's be honest, by the time I remember where I put my camera I'll be about 8 months pregnant. I'll just add the picture whenever I get around to taking it.

Baby number 3 is due in May 2013. I know the jokes and they are funny, you don't have to stop making them, but here is the truth of the matter - there have been enough losses for me to believe that I am just meant to have babies in the month of May. Conception at any other time has resulted in a loss - always around that 3 month mark - so I may not always laugh at your joke. It really can't be helped.

May is not convenient in any way and if I had to choose I wouldn't choose May - Just sayin'. I will be leaving my job with only 2-3 months left in the school year and coming back with only 2-3 months in the year, which is TOUGH for the person taking my place and for me taking BACK my place. Ick. PLUS I won't have enough hours to get EI for the summer - which ... sucks.

But frankly, since my subconscious is all 'Hey-May-babies-are-the-freaking-best' then I'll just go with it. This will allow us to get all the birthdays done at once too, but I guess I can kiss my birthday and Mother's Day goodbye ;) Corey might complain he doesn't get to share his birthday but I'm thinking - DUDE you don't have to share your birthday!!! You never share ANYTHING lol.

We're all excited of course, Amélie wants twins and is upset I'm having a baby since she said when she grows up she's going to have babies FOR me. (eyebrow raise - yeah no.) William doesn't care. Unless it's about Iron Man, Tony Stark or Captain America I can just go-away.

I think it must be a girl too because - HELLO nausea. It was hard to hide it too!! I don't know if anyone really noticed, except for when I got the flu. I really had the flu and it kicked my ass. I forgot what getting the flu was all about I hadn't gotten it in forever. FYI It's not that fun.

It seems to be easing up and I'm already 'showing'. I thought I was imagining it actually but no ... I'm not. At least my boobs are growing too. I'm just waiting for that '2nd trimester energy' to kick in. Anytime now would be great. I also think I'm getting varicose veins. I'm not a super pleasant pregnant woman - must be a girl.


Tina said...

Oh yay! Congratulations to you and your family! We actually recently found out (no for real... very recently) that we are also expecting in May! It was a bit of a surprise to us but we are still thrilled of course. And I am stoked to have a baby that IS NOT born in the Winter seeing as my two girls a Jan/Feb babies. :)

Corinne Linfitt said...

Congrats! Both my kids are born in May. May 5th and May 2nd and my birthday is May 9th ... so ...

I don't mind being pregnant during the winter because I'm usually chilly so this keeps me warm LOL