Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

We all hear it. We all know it.

Seize the day.

Our conference speaker today - we had two and they were both awesome - but this last one was really good. Okay the first one was good too but on a different subject.

As I sit here, in my hotel room, typing this, I can't stop wishing I was at home with my kids, had I driven here, I probably would have lefts hours ago and would be at home tucking them in, hugging them and snuggling them.

And also watching Corey do his sweaty workout that is making him start to look like a Greek God.

Regardless, in our house, we are okay with co-sleeping. Even encourage it. Most of the time. There are those nights where you just want to SPRAWL across the bed ... know what I mean? Most of the time I cave and today I was reminded simply that today is today. Tomorrow might not come. Snuggles in bed to reassure your sweet baby that everything is alright in the their world right now, to us might mean a night of tossing, turning, bruises, but to them ... it means reassurance that everything is alright in their world, for at least tonight. They will have plenty of time to learn that the world, in general, and life, in general, is a donkey. It doesn't always go where you want it to, it doesn't always do what you want it to ... It's up to us to teach them that you have to take the moments where things are just right and make them golden.

He had many great stories and he was very funny. Unfortunately, he made me want to be at home with my kids and husband more than anything and now I can't wait for tomorrow to be done.

Do you think if I told my boss I was Seizing the Day and going home instead of the conference I could get away with it? I wonder if I could convince my carpool partner ....

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